Earth + Thea + Moon = Life?

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Earth + Thea + Moon = Life?

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A new hypothesis/theory, published in the journal "Science Advances", suggests that the processes involved in the formation of the Earth-Moon system may have provided the materials for life on our planet.
According to present ideas, the Earth and Moon were formed by the collision of a body,Thea, with the proto-Earth 4.4 billion years ago, providing most of the volatile elements necessary for life. The "donor" planet had a core rich with sulphur. The debris cloud in the collision also contained most of the nitrogen and carbon, essential for life as we know it.
Dr. Rajdeep Dasgupta, at Rice University in Texas, said: "This study suggests that a rocky, Earth-like planet gets more chances to acquire life-essential elements if it grows and forms from giant impacts with planets that have different building blocks."

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