Pluto's discovery

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Pluto's discovery

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It was on this day in 1930 that astronomer, Clyde Tombaugh, on examining a photographic plate he had exposed, under a blink microscope, discovered Pluto against a starry background.
Tombaugh was stationed at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona at the time, and he confirmed what Percival Lowell had suspected, that wobbles in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune indicated the existence of an unknown body exerting a gravitational pull on the two gas giants.
Pluto has been relegated to minor planet status, but is there a case for giving this body full planetary status again if only to conform to the strength of its name?
In Greco-Roman mythology, Pluto ( or Hades to the Greeks ) is a brother of Zeus, hence he is a very powerful deity. Assigning Pluto as a pip-squeak minor planet to him seems disproportionate to his Olympian status.
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Re: Pluto's discovery

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I think Pluto is apt
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