Solar Orbiter's first images of Sun

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brian livesey
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Solar Orbiter's first images of Sun

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The British built Solar Orbiter has sent back images on its first pass of the Sun. The probe approached the Sun at a distance of 48 million miles and revealed details not seen before, including many mini-solar flares, provisionally named "camp fires".
Solar physicist, Lucy Green described the images as breathtaking". The solar probe's next pass will be from a distance of 25 million miles. Solar Orbiter will also reveal details of the Sun's polar region, seen for the first time.
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Re: Solar Orbiter's first images of Sun

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Recently, Solar Orbiter passed by Venus to get closer to the Sun, and ESA shared a video and photo of Mars, Earth, and Venus. It's fascinating :o. I can admire these images all the time, but I'm waiting for the implementation of its scientific objectives. I hope it will help scientists explore the hard-to-reach regions of the Sun and help them know more about its activity.
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