Mond Revisited

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Mond Revisited

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Dear al(L)
According to the latest New Scientist magazine Mond theory is hitting the headlines. Apparently after years in the doldrums Mond , or
Modified- Mond is perhaps now on a par with Superstrings and M theories. It looks like more astro-physicists are now thinking about Mond theory much more seriously since some recent observations seem to fit Mond better than previously thought. Meanwhile the other theories seem to be rather more static, at least for now, and apparently to some extent rely on future particle physics discoveries to justify them (eg the Large Hadron Colider).
Meanwhile apparently some scientists are claiming to have evidence that one of nature's constants is not constant after all. Off hand I cannot remember the actual values but I think the change in value over a period of 12 billion years was not very great (although I suppose a even small change in the number might have much more enormous effect than a layman like me might ever expect!).
Best wishes from Cliff
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If you'd like to see how the Large Hadron Collider is coming on,Cliff,there's a middle page spread of it in to-day's GUARDIAN. :wink:
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