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Russell wrote:Hi dave,Get a life mate,you find that personal.
I don't believe it was aimed at anyone else.
Russell wrote:Well if you find that hurts you i dread to feel how you think when you get your tax returns :lol:
Russell wrote:Come on just for the sake for the forum im sorry.
For no other sake than it's the right thing to do: apology accepted.
Russell wrote:Ps how many paragraphs will the reply be.
Is that an issue? Is that what's bothered you about what I've written, that I've tried to be clear about what I was saying? That shouldn't be a problem should it?

Seriously Russell, I'm interested in your initial question and your followup to it but I don't understand why you seem to have been offended by what I wrote when nothing I wrote contained anything offensive about you (in other words, at no point did I "slag" you off and at no point, despite what you claimed, have I said you're outright wrong about anything). I'm actually genuinely interested in your initial question and the point you might have been trying to make with it. Would it be possible to stick to that?
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