New CfDS forum relaunched

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New CfDS forum relaunched

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I recently removed my new CfDS board, as I hadn't realised there was already a Yahoo CfDS board, albeit operating in a more rigid fashion that proboards allows.

However, after being seriously abused without basis by a member of that forum, and seeing some worrying postings about campaigning methods there, I decided I was wrong to have deleted the board.

I'm now developing another board, so new moderators and contributors are very welcome!

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Post by Eclipse »

CfDS being ?????

Sorry, got it.
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Chinese fireworks !

Post by Cliff »

Dear al(L)
There have been complaints that the broadcasted Chinese Olympic opening ceremony was a cheat because part of the supposed freworks display was pure computer simulation.
However, it occurs to me the chinese had a brilliant idea.
Just think instead of the nonsensical light polluting Blackpool Illuminations the BBC could broadcast a Blackpool illumination computer simulation. That would not only considerably reduce light pollution but save a lot of energy as well. Irrespective of any electricity just think about all the petrol and motor car congestion that would be saved as well.
Best of luck from Cliff

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