BBC Have your say feature on turning of street lights!

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BBC Have your say feature on turning of street lights!

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I recommend all of us signing up to 'have your say' (its free and easy). Then go to the 'Readers Recommended' tab. You can vote comments as recommended (all of the ones for the idea of course). I think they take more notice of the heavily voted comments rather then loads of new one's

There are some good comments both for and against turn off's so we need to tip the boat people!!!!

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The subject was closed when I got there. We don't have lights - we don't have night crime. We used to moor a boat in town when they had no lights and never had the sniff of a problem - then they put them in for the tourists and it's yob land. Obviously the people giving opinions didn't live in towns when all the lights went off from 11 to 5 (after the pubs shut) and darkness and silence reigned. Now they seem to live in fear.

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