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Dear al(L)
I have not been a fan of fireworks for many years now.
Of course as an enthusiastic amateur observer I have been aware that fireworks pollute the atmosphere and bonfire night is inevitably not a nice time for doing practical astronomy.Another problem is the November the Fifth seems to last about a month or more!
RB; quite rightly tells us that lighting is popular with the general publi; of course so are fireworks !
The firework problem was very strongly demonstrated to me just recently when I attended a birthday party. Although in bright sunlight a few fireworks were lit to add to the party fun. Needless to say the fireworks provided a very mediocre daylight show. However, what they did reveal to me was just how much smoke pollution fireworks create. There were times the smoke hid any signs of the fireworks display at all. I had long known that bonfire firework nights are smokey, but I had not realised just how much smoke a single firework creates.
Best of luck from Cliff

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I with you on this one Cliff!

A friend of mine asked this year why its always foggy after bonfire night. Somehow me thinks all this smoke, from either fires or fireworks is a conntributing factor... :roll:
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