Christmas light pollution

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Christmas light pollution

Post by Cliff »

Dear al(L)
I personally do not like the modern fad for outdoor fairy lights at Christmas time.
Over past years I have noticed a significant increase in the number and variety of private household exterior fairy lights at Christmas.
For several years up until 2008 I noticed a continual increase both in the number of houses in our area with Christmas fairy lights and also yearly increases in their extravagance. They all help to create light pollution of course - even if some might claim the extra pollution is minimal !
The problem continued to get worse partly because our regional TV news programme actually encouraged the fairylights - even making it competitive and displaying some of the "best" house fairy lighting on the news.
This year is the first time I personally seem to have noticed that the Christmas fairylight bonanza might have slowed down. I will not go so far as to say that there were fewer outside house garden Christmas fairy lights this year, but I do think there wasn't an increas - not in our neighbourhood anyway. Of course the down turn in our economy is probably a factor.
Best of luck from Cliff

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Post by markt »

I'm with you on this one Cliff!

Further to your observation that there seems to be less this year I would have to agree - serpently around here in the West Midlands (though there always are 'hotspots'). Maybe it's the credit crunch biting hard coupled with rising fuel bills that is encouraging people to be more frugal with this extravagant form of decoration / light pollution?

While I don't wish for hard times on anyone, I do wish folk would turn off their light polluting exterior lights more!
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Post by mike a feist »

I too find these extremely annoying especially when promoted by the media - and probably on the next page of the newspaper there is a "green page" pushing "carbon footprint reduction"*. One of the excuses given is that people come and see them and then donate to a charity. The amount of money and time spent on setting them up and cost of running them could simply be donated in the first place.
*An interesting clash in our local newspaper recently - was not about such lighting but concerned wildlife. One page showed a great picture of the starling flock returning to roost near the old Brighton West Pier ruin and promoted observing sessions by the RSPB for the public....and the next page raged about the piles of bird droppings nearby!!! maf

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