Switching off motorway lighting

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Switching off motorway lighting

Post by RB »

Just seen this ...

http://www.highways.gov.uk/news/pressre ... eid=171666

Many of you may already be aware, but good news is always worth repeating.

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Post by Deimos »

Excellent news (I had not seen it). Lets hope that others will follow soon.

It has always confused me as to how drivers can be expected to drive along A roads, B roads and country lanes without lighting but on clear straight motorways we need vast amounts of lighting. In one respect, if you cannot drive at night using your headlights without supplementary lighting should one be driving at night ? (as not all roads are have lighting, not even all motorways).

Earlier this year a new roundabout on a straight (easy) main A road was finished - a great improvement. Although there are no houses nearby, no pedestrians, it was previously a difficult junction for cars pulling onto the A road. Within literally a few days of its completion a local village (at least a mile away) had a protest and started a petition to have lighting put on the new roundabout. Fortunately the local highways had decided it was not necessary. As above, if you cannot drive at night using headlights without hitting things (even well signposted things like roundabouts) then should you be driving at night ?



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Post by markt »

That is good news, lets hope it gets rolled out nationally - hopefully one day to roads in more urban areas also...
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Post by Maccers »

Sadly the stretch near Exeter is a stretch lit by full cut off lighting... so the effect won't be as pronounced as it might otherwise have been.

It is a step in the right direction though.

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