'Lunatics' and 'asylums' spring to mind. Welcome to Brum!

Discuss the greatest threat to amateur astronomy today

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'Lunatics' and 'asylums' spring to mind. Welcome to Brum!

Post by Andrew »

Aside from the astronomical viewpoint, how on earth can any sane person think this waste of money and resources is a good idea?! :evil:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... space.html

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Post by gyro »

That article would only make sense if dated April 1st.

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Post by markt »

Absolutely ridiculous.
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Post by Deimos »

What a sad comment on the state of humanity. When you look at the issues facing us today (ignoring the recession) and people come up with ideas like that. I actually find it really sad and dis-heartening.


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Post by Cliff »

Dear al(L)
The lighting nutters -and there are many of them - will be rubbling their hands in glee.
Mind you having said that, I think that many space exploration enthusists also have something to answer for.
Some enthusists seem to see the main point humans existence is to conquer space.
Well we have been at it seriously now for rather more than two centuries - since the first hot air balloon flights and half a century venturing in space. The sky is messed up with contrails (and the aircraft industry avoids paying environmental taxes) and inner space is now getting cluttered with satellite rubbish.
I suppose we can say that artificial satellites have improved communications - given us GPS and the like.
Ironically hillwalking\mountaineering accidents in the Lake District in the have increased significantly in the last few years. I wonder how anyone managed tro survive in the good old
Perhaps the Lake District needs floodlighting !
Best of luck from Cliff

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Post by brian livesey »

When it comes down to the decision-makers in local and national government, who are responsible for these schemes, hasn't it been said that people get the government they deserve?

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