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What a great post Kaustav.

You've resolved the problem using tact and diplomacy, and with a near zero environmental impact - neat!

Errr, is that "...go out more and get a life," to someone just back from stunning Indian skies? Blimey, I definitely need to get out more then :lol:
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Stunning Indian Skies

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You just reminded me of my time in India a few weeks ago. I was so amazed by the dark skies that I've decided to take my 'scope with me when I go back to India again in December. This time I'll be in an extremely remote and hard to reach region of India on the borders of West Bengal. The nearest village will be 10Km away from where I'll be staying and the nearest town to that village is .... what town!?! LOL I just received a call from my wife who's field research station is posted out there and she told me she can vividly see shimmer of our milky way and literally thousands upon thousands of stars. I think I'm going to be in heaven! I only wish I had an ultra portable slim line laptop to take with me so I can take photos but for now I'll just have to be happy with visual observing and lasting memories! I haven't yet been to the farm which WOLAS use for observing sessions from time to time for club members. It's near High Wycombe. I'm hoping the light polution out there won't be are disasterous as Harrow which is where I am right now. Anything has to be better than North West London!
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I heard that our dear John Prescott (a national treasure if ever there was one) is proposing that in future people with nice views should pay more council tax. Well, if that goes through it opens the door to claiming that we should pay less council tax because 50% of our view of the natural landscape -- the sky -- is being hidden, to our loss of amenity, by the council's streetlights or indeed our neighbour's insecurity lights....

Somehow I doubt that it will work.

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I have recived no word from my Local council after writting to them the standerd letter on Light Pollution :( , my next move is to head off into the office's and seek someone i can talk to face to face. On a lighter note(pardon the pun) the offending light near my garden go's out now at 11.00pm which is good news :D just need to get some shades put on the surrounding street lights now.

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