Light pollution filter

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Light pollution filter

Post by mark_smith »

Light pollution filter

Does anyone has one of these or knows were I can get one from which is fairly cheap.


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Post by joe »

Hi Mark,

Yes....and no. I have a Lumicon UHC nebula filter which blocks a lot of unwanted light when viewing emission nebulae and planetaries but the bad news is that you won't get much change out of £80 for it. I think there are many others that are perhaps a little cheaper so worth a shop around. The annoying thing is that there isn't really a good general all round light pollution filter (unless I'm mistaken), you have to buy specific filters for specific objects.

C'est la vie.

ps The filter IS actually quite good. As the vendor said to me at the time when I had recovered from the shock, it's cheaper than moving house.
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darren bushnall

nebula filters

Post by darren bushnall »

I have a full set of Lumicon filters, deep sky, UHC, OIII and the H/Beta and i can certainly say the UHC is a very general use filter, it shows more objects better than any other filter as it encompasses the two OIII lines and the weaker H/Beta line in its bandpass.
The next best filter, the OIII does not pass the h/beta line so anything with any hydrogen beta content wont be well seen. You also have to take into consideration the aperture of your telescope as nebula filters work by basically blocking all other light so stars virtually vanish in the OIII through smaller apertures and the field becomes very dark but the UHC with its wider bandwith lets in more light so you still see starfields when using it, it has a far more asthetic look.
I would go for the UHC and as for its price tag, you DO get what you pay for.

Darren Bushnall
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