Nuisance Light success

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Nuisance Light success

Post by Mell »

Hi all

Thought you might like to know of my success, at last.

Last December I complained to a neighbour (who's garden is over 2 grass verges and a main road away) about his security light shining straight into our house, causing a nuisance not only to observing but to life in general. Their light comes on several times a night, not just now and then!

His arrogant response to my request made it obvious he didn't care. A letter from the Environmental Health didn't work either.

A few weeks ago I got really annoyed when their light was on all night!! I went round and no one was in.

A week last Monday my husband tried, he got the door shut in his face.

So, I wrote a letter, mentioning how arrogant he was and mentioning that all I wanted them to do is angle the light down. I also included details on the new Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

I hand delivered the letter and asked them to read it fully.

They must have. Less than a week later and the light is no longer shining into our house, and it doesn't create a problem when observing either. :D
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Post by jeff.stevens »

Well done Mell, it's good to hear of such a positive result - must have been a good letter!

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Post by Astrogeordie »

Hi Mell,

very nice to hear you finally won over this nasty gentleman. I really wonder why people do not listen to us, when we just want the lights shielded down.

I had it some years ago with a neighbour, whose non-security light shone directly into my house and into the sky. I tried to tell him to just turn it down to a lower angle. What did he ? He switched if off. I did not want him to sit in the dark, and of course the light went on next night again - he just did not understand what I was after.

There are more positive things - I moved house, and saw one floodlight next door. This pointed downward already before I moved in, and its really not a nuisance at all. Another neighbour has a discotheque-like christmas-light installation in the front garden (which is light polluted anyhow), but nothing to the backyard because he knows I have my observatory there. Thats what I call cultivated people !
Best wishes & clear skies,

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