The Archers

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Phil Rice
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The Archers

Post by Phil Rice »

Who listens to the Archers? Last Sunday I heard Lillian mention something like "Oh he just wants to keep the skies dark so he can gaze up at the stars". It was not very useful, and the tone in which it was said made it seem as if people who like looking at the stars are nerds.

Or am I one for getting upset by this sort of thing?

Phil :roll:
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Post by Tetricus »

My wife never misses an episode :roll:

I wouldn't worry about the comments. There are those who think anyone with a hobby (any hobby), is a nerd or anorak.
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Post by Moonstruck »

Well, the archers ar'nt what they used to be . Suspect it is written by nerds of a very low order, now.
Although I did not realise how lucky I was at the time, when I was very young and people walked everywhere and it was safer in the country. Walking home down some country lane during the war,Dad pointed out some of the wonders of the sky ,such as the milky way,so easily seen then.
Someone did suggest recently that, the "Soveriegn Light" would be a good place to view the sky.That is until a force something or other blows up the channel,then one may not be able to report for work the next day.
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