. Dead streetlight

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David Frydman
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. Dead streetlight

Post by David Frydman »

. For the last three days and nights the street light, which is outside my window and is shielded, has been off.
There is a notice on the lamp post saying one should ring the number stated to report if the streetlight is faulty. I don't think so.

Anyway, if one can measure darkness, the view outsider is now three times darker than it was.
Unfortunately it has been cloudy every night so I cannot see what difference it makes astronomically.
I took a photograph at 0220 UT and the difference is very marked compared with when the streetlight is on.
I think that if all the streetlights were turned off in this neighbourhood some semblance of dark sky might appear.
But in truth, despite all the efforts to reduce light pollution, it just gets steadily worse here.
So I mainly am a solar observer and observer of Jupiter's moons in binoculars.

Regards David
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Re: . Dead streetlight

Post by Jim »

Despite living in a rural area at 61 N. we have a lot of light pollution from a road junction and from an unsurfaced track which has neon lights all along it. I am a beginner and so want to choose sensibly, so will go for aurora an NLC, the moon, and Jupiter.
Sweden, 61 degrees north
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