There is hope!!!

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There is hope!!!

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I'm lucky enough to live in a small village that has no street lighting, and a Parish Council that's against having any. This view is also shared by the majority of people living in the village.

Last year, a semi-local company bought up some farm land on the edge of the village, and the submitted a planning application to build a Mushroom growing facility/factory on it. This was going to be a 24 hour operation on a 'Flood Lit' site.

99.999% of the village opposed this application, along with the Parish Council.

The planning application was thankfully rejected and again on appeal.

Among the many other reasons for its rejection, one was 'intrusive light pollution', and this was formally stated by the County Council when they published their reasons for rejecting the application.

I had written to both the group representing the villlagers 'fight' against this proposed Mushroom factory, and to the County Council's Planning officer.

I pointed out that the village was one of a rapidly disappearing number of places in the county, where my grandchildren could still see and enjoy the night sky. I also raised awareness of the recent legislation, relating to intrusive lighting.

How much my letters helped, I'll never know, but the fact that intrusive lighting was one of the reasons the planning application was rejected, gives hope for the future.


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It sounds like your contributions were vital. It also shows that planning applications are by no means foregone conclusions and that articulate and well-organised protest campaigns can be very effective. Congratulations.

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Dear Navigator
Great stuff1
Your news is very encoraging.
Best of luck from Cliff
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The kind of stories we just dont hear enough of
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