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Idaho's dark skies

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 4:11 pm
by brian livesey
Central Idaho is one of the few places left in North America that's free from light pollution. Some 80 per cent of Americans live in light polluted areas, where the night sky is blotted out. Idaho's sparsely populated region has pristine starry skies and it's hoped that 1,400 square miles will be designated as a reserve for "astro-tourism".
"We know that the night sky has inspired people for many thousands of years," said the International Dark-Sky Association programme manager John Barentine. "When they are in space where they can see it, it's often a very profound experience."
There are two main opponents to dark skies - the advertising industry and those who are opposed to regulations. Central Idaho is one of the few areas in the US large enough to acquire dark sky status. Only eleven such places exist on the globe.