Mad plan to switch off street lights to cut electricity bill

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Paul Sutherland wrote:There is a fuller report here in the local Manchester daily. It includes a poll and a request for readers' comments. So if anyone feels like putting them right on lighting and safety and that MP's silly comments, feel free.

Some of those comments defy belief. It just goes to show that the not-very-great British public a/ don't know and b/don't care about the wider picture.
To the those who moan about lights being switched off - get a torch!

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I too can 'see the light' at the end of the tunnel (terrible pun I know). What with LED's becoming all the rage, better directed street lights, and better designs. Maybe light pollution will decrease in years to come. These things just take a very long time to make it in to the main stream. e.g. Council's arn't gonna fix anything untill it's broken (with regard to street lights). So until all those old badly designed lights break we just gotta wait and hope! :idea:
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