Light Pollution Nightmare

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Light Pollution Nightmare

Post by [H]omer »

Wow - just found your site after starting my own board on Slated:

My gripe has nothing to do with astronomy - just damn street lights.

Googling for Light Pollution issues turned up your site; dunno how you view people posting here when it has nothing to do with astronomy. Feel free to redirect people to my site, if you think they're off topic.


Oh, and PS, also feel free to sign up to my new board. It's brand new, so only two posts so far (about my street light nightmare). If you feel strongly about Statutory Nuisance issues like light pollution, come on over. There will be many other forums too, once I get going.

Thanks again.

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Post by DeepSkyObserver »

Good luck to you - the more non-astronomers who object to the cancer of light pollution the better we can reduce this menace. 8)

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Post by Astrocomet »

Light pollution round my area is getting terrible over the past 5 or so years the stars have gradgually faded away to be overcome by streetlighting, p.i.r's and factory lighting, the only time I can see the night sky at its best now is after midnight when people are turning into bed and a lot of domestic lighting goes off and if its not light pollution it plane chem trails spreading out and causing haze or cloud cover over the skies so I think if this continues and carry on expanding the back garden astronomer will unfortunatley become a thing of the past just like the stars we use to see in the night sky :cry: .
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