First Prosecution for Light Pollution in the UK

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First Prosecution for Light Pollution in the UK

Post by JohnM »

Fellow Astronomers might be interested in the news that the first prosecution for light pollution under the provisions in the Cleaner Neighbourhoods and Environment Act appears to be imminent more details here ... lution.php.

Take heart !

Note these provisions don't / may not apply to street lighting - it depends if a street is a 'premises' in law which someone probably has to take through the courts to the House of Lords to get a definitive judgement.

John Murrell
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Robin Scagell
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Post by Robin Scagell »

It's encouraging the councils are taking these powers seriously. Whether they would take action over someone whose lighting annoyed an amateur astronomer is another matter because being unable to sleep is a heath issue whereas observing for fun isn't.

I'd like to see lighting being subject to planning laws, which at the moment it isn't. The nighttime appearance should be as important as the daytime one. But an otherwise inoffensive building by day can become an eyesore at night through intensive lighting.


Mike Feist
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Post by Mike Feist »

"being unable to sleep is a health issue whereas observing for fun isn't"
Observers who take astronomy seriously migth/would find such lighting causing anger and that not a health issue.?

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Post by A »


If you can get away with it, don't mention the astronomy.
Just say that the light stops you from sleeping and it is affecting
your health.

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Post by DeepSkyObserver »

Good, let's hope this new law really does mean business and show people that light pollution is very real environmental menace and that offenders will be dealt with and severely.

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my input

Post by pduffy4 »

considering how crazy the human rights act is, i am sure an astronomer could use it, should he/she be wealthy enough to afford 140 pound per hour lawyer, to stop light pollution in their neighbourhood and quite right to.

i live in Glasgow and light poloution is a big problem. in the 70s the stars were much more visible, but never the Milky Way. the first time i saw the Milky Way was on a camping trip to the island of Arran off the south west coast of scotland and

it was truly awe inspiring, like seeing Saturns rings for the first time. sadly our ever expandy population leads to more houses, more streets and more lights. in the end money comes first for the people that run our country - business people, house builders, they don’t give a stuff about Astronomy or the fact we are going to end up with the UK being one giant city and no where to go for dark skies. this may sound extreme, but it is my opinion and that’s that.

the only soloution is the win the lottery and buy your own island and a very big telescope!


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