good locations near Birmingham UK

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Pauln wrote:I am just to the south west of Birmingham in Bromsgrove. I am not far from the Clent Hills and the Lickey Hills, not sure what the light is like from those. I am not a member of a local group and am very much a beginner, but have thought of joining Worcester. Would be interested if anyone else observes down this way.
Hi Paul,
I have just joined this forum. I am also in Bromsgrove, and the light pollution seems to be getting worse each year. I just emailed the Vicar of Hanbury Church to ask permission to view from the Church yard. The view of the Southern Sky is fantastic from there. I have only been there in daylight but I imagine it should be quite dark.

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Hi All Brummies out there,

I wanted ask if Clent Hills has any flat surfaces where i can rest my dobson. Are any of you willing to meet up this month, hoping we get some clear skies? Had a look on Google where Clent hills is and its a pretty straight forward route for me on M42. I can do a PM for those who wish to meet up and get some dates together that are ok for us.


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Hello all,

I'm not too far - over in Coventry.

Am looking for a safe dark site.

For some of the other comments on where & weather watch - I use these 2 sites :

Cloud coverage :

Good sky areas : (as detailed in the Dark Sky thread)

I don't think you have to travel far, it's just finding a place ........

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Re: good locations near Birmingham UK

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i have found that using fishing holydays fishing by day and using a scope at night as a way of beating the light pollution , you can rent a cottage or accomodation quite cheaply as a group or familly this will give you the best dark sights to choose from arround the west midlands , having returned after 12 years in the usa i have just replaced all my equipiment with a sky pro 8 inch goto system and hope to spend my time fishing and observing whenever possable , for a group of people the costs are not that bad, hope this helps some of those stuck in major pollution spots

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