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adrian lord
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There is hope!
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This is being discussed on Radio 2's, Jeremy Vine show now. there should be a listen again feature.
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Hello,Ive been signed up for ages but it's my first post here.

As an Essex dweller I saw this story in the harlow Star last night and I just can't wait!!! This is what used to happen when I was a youngster in the 70's with my first 'scope-11:30pm, out went the streetlamps and out came the 'scope!!

The Star story said that lights will only remain on where there's a specifically identified need- dangerous road junctions and the like, and also where there is a crime issue-hopefully this won't mean everywhere, and the trading estates, etc, will be following the lead!!

The main polluter in South West Essex where I am is the M25/M11 intersection-a massive km square forest of the yellow horrors- and, of course, London, but hopefully soon we'll be able to see the milky way again.

At least I won't have to go so far to find somewhere dark....... :!:
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Essex boy
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A light pollution win !!

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I recently moved from Harlow in Essex to Lincolnshire.

While living in Harlow my back garden was completly light polluted buy
a street light just 10 feet outside the garden fence, you could read a
newspaper by it.

One day a very nice car knocked the lamp post down ..giving great joy,
but realising that the lamp post would have to be replaced I contacted
the local streetlighting authority and asked if the replacement lamp could
be fitted with a shield to help with my astronomy hobby.

You can imagin my joy at receiving a letter stating that the streetlighting
Engineers had been instructed to fit a shield.....I appeared to be winning and I did not believe this was allowed.

Unfortnately the Engineers moved the lamp post 50 feet to one side,
resulting in my neighbours garden being perfectly shaded from the
street light and.........you must have guessed .......my garden was lit up like a christmas tree..... again..... well at least I tried. :cry:

Winning can be short lived.

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Hi folks,
Sounds great news, does anyone have any idea when this may be happening?

Many Thanks

Dave (Essex- the place not the person!)

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