Street Lighting - Who pays the bill?

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Ian Ridley
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Hooded street lights are part of solution - perhaps applicable to where there is new lighting or existing light fittings need replacing.

I agree turning off many lights after midnight would also be part of solution.

In fact night time lighting is a microcosm of the whole energy/ climate change issue. We need:

- more efficiency/ better design (with a spin-off that better-directed lighting will mean darker skies for astronomers);
- less waste by govt.;
- less waste by business;
- less waste by individuals;

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A lot of modern street lights are controlled by photocells on top of the lamp - in this case there is no easy way to turn off the light for part of the night - it would need the wiring modified on each street lamp to include a timer. As a result councils that have these street lights will have to pay to modify them and this I would have thought unlikely.

The move away from timers started as the old type motor driven timers lost time when there were power cuts so needed a lot of attention to correct them

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