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Paul Sutherland
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New Scientist editorial

Post by Paul Sutherland »

New Scientist magazine has an editorial comment this week calling for the UK to follow's Iceland's lead and to turn out the lights so that people can stare at the stars. It is good to see the magazine speaking out on light pollution. Wouldn't it be great if we could set the ball rolling and make it happen!


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Post by astroeyes »

Yes, it would be truly wonderful, Paul. I've written to my council requesting some reduction of street lighting after 11pm. I'd like to aim rather higher than 1 hour per year though!
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Post by GordonCopestake »

I had a 4 hour powercut last sunday. From 1pm till 5pm. A number of houses in my area were affected. A shame it couldn't have been from 9pm till 1am!

I doubt that the UK will follow icelands lead. However many councils are considering turning off every other street light between midnight and 6am as a cost cutting exercise. I believe that the only way we will get darker skies is as part of a financial drive and not for the good of the public

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Post by JohnM »

One problem will be how to get all the lights turned off - in most cases there is no central switch so someone has to go to each streetlight to turn it off & on again.

I can't see it happening in the UK as all the councils will be too afraid of liability claims for any accidents or crimes that occour when the lights are off - even if there are less than normal !

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Post by hubble »

actually, thanks for giving me that idea about the blackout thing. unfortunately, despite living in the countryside, i get horrible light pollution from my own house [well, victorian flat to be presise] and when there are blackouts, we mostly stay indoors and complain about the council and lack of doctor who. next time i will be more resourceful.
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