Climate Day 4th November

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Paul S wrote: You are absolutely right, but IMO you can't sit on the fence with nuclear if you are truly concerned with global warming. It is the only viable solution. The rest are really p***ing in the wind. Astronomers, of all people should understand what an obvious solution nuclear is - after all, we understand the way our local star works.

Nuclear power is the only way to go. Here in France, they've got it right. My latest electricity bill tells me: 85.8%from nuclear, 4.2% hydraulic, 4.1% coal, 3.2%gas, 1.8% fuel, 0.5% other renewables. Pretty impressive.

It's not a mickey mouse country and the industry doesn't skimp for the sake of profit, so I am very comfortable with it.

In fact, the nearest power station to me is only about 20km away, and a bit further down the Rhone they're building the world's first prototype commercial fusion reactor.
I totally agree, Paul. Nuclear power is all too often demonised, but ultimately it is one of the solutions to global warming. What I find annoying is the fact that the environmental movement resist nuclear power on the grounds that it is unsafe (using Chernobyl as an example, forgetting that the Lenin Memorial Nuclear Power Station was built to a standard which would in no way be allowed in the West and the disaster was caused by an unwise experiment), but if it saves the planet from environmental disaster then let's have more nuclear power stations built.

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Yes your making me jump off the fence already. Nuclear power is the single most powerful force that man has created. Ironically this same force that could save the planet is capable of ending our race when in the wrong hands. So why not implement this power in a positive way.
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