BBC feature on light pollution

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Paul S
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BBC feature on light pollution

Post by Paul S »

BBC news feature on light pollution: the cost of lighting the world.


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Post by Vega »

Nice report, maybe there is hope for the future. We need more people jumping on the bandwagon.. a lot more
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Colin Henshaw
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BBC Feature on Light Pollution

Post by Colin Henshaw »

Yet the BBC itself is culpable through the BBC Memorial Skybeam that is injecting light into the skies of London from the roof of Bush House.

This was installed to honour journalists killed in the line of duty.

They should have found a more environmentally friendly method of achieving this objective.

I objected to the original planning application, but to no avail.

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Post by Cliff »

Dear Colin
I totally agree with you.
The BBC are totally incompetetent with regards to undestanding the problem of light pollution.
I am inclined to think that TV producers are effectively brainwashed by their close association with lighting engineers and the lighting industry.
I recall a decade ago BBC Blue Peter held a competition for some sort of lighting art project. I doubt if they have really chaged their spots.
The TV fraternity think they are above ordinary rules.
Best wishes from Cliff

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Post by antares6iron »

Ok guys lighten up :lol: Lets get the children involved they love a crusade as I have mentioned before.The SPA is involved with IYA 2009 providing telescopes for schools if everyone on this forum gets there local school involved with local A.S clubs or even just yourself with relatives and friends to get more interest in the sciences and climate and light polution through our astronomy passion.As the logo shows for IYA "BRINGING THE UNIVERSE DOWN TO EARTH" ATB A6I
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