Christmas Un-Fayre

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Christmas Un-Fayre

Post by Cliff »

Dear al(L)
Summer aircraft contrails (and even earlier when astronomers jet to Turkey), autumn fireworks and Blackpool Illuminations.
Now we have increasing numbers of our neighbours gardens illuminated by outdoor electric light illumination at Christmas.
Within 500metres of here, between 2000 and 2003, I reckon there was an increase of one extra Christmas decoratively lit gardene each year, 2004 and 2005, were two each year. This year I reckon there are three more gardens with decorative outdoor Christmas garden lights in our neighbourhood.
Best of luck from Grumpy Cliff

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Post by Mell »

I considered myself to be lucky this year!
Last year, just before, Christmas, some friends of ours moved 3 doors down the street from us!
Before they moved, they usually had loads and loads of lights etc decorating their house and garden (and anything else come to think of it). They did it for charity. Fine, it didn't effect me. When they moved, I cringed. At one point, they nearly bought the house next to us!!! :shock:
Fortunately, they have decided to sell all their lights :lol: and what a relief that is!!
Mell Jeffery, FRAS.
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