light polluting neighbour

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I do not think that you can hope to get it removed or get a switch to be able to turn it off but you could request that they put a shield on it - I would imagine it depends on which side the lamp is re your fence. If you are uncertain which dept of the council you need to contact (and streetlighting is usually contracted out anyway and I found that the lighting engineer that I spoke to in my area was very pro-lighting!), ring the main Town Hall Switchboard and ask to be put through to the dept for street lighting. Alternatively why not raise the matter with your local councillor. If you can get your councillor on your side, they do have a lot of clout. Best of luck. maf
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Light polluting neighbour

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If you can get rid of this new street lamp then you will have achieved something.

You will have to contact the local street lighting department. Try and contact a local councillor. They should not have installed it without your permission in my opinion. A citizens' advice bureau may help.

I wish you well.
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Dear Colin, Astropete, David et al(L)
I think Astropete's problem (ie a new street-light) is different to David's problematic neighbour's irritating "private" light.
As has been suggested I think Astropete is best (at least initially!) talking to his local council's street-lighting department, rather than approaching a local councillor. Having said that like I think someone else already suggested, I do not think Astropete should neccessarily expect too much help from the street-lighting department people - street-lighting engineers do (or used to) generally seem to think lighting is more important than light pollution (indeed many of them seem to consider light pollution is a myth created by astro-nutters). Although I do think some lighting engineers might be a bit more simpathetic.
If no joy at all from the lighting department, it might then be worth contacting a local councillor - but only if you think he will be on your side - many councillors like to get extra street lights installed because they think it popular with the general public.
A last resort might be to complain about the light pollution, but more chance if it causes serious direct glare, to the local councils environmental department. If that department get an official complaint from a member of the general public, then I think the department are obliged to at least look into the complaint. However, as to exactly how the environment department would act, I do not know - I assume though they would be reluctant make a judgement against another council deprtment, although in theory I think they should act even-handedly.
Best of luck from Cliff
PS David; I cann't help being curious have you had any joy with regards your neighbours silly light.
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Sorry Cliff, just spotted this posting!
Not a lot has changed. We don't pass much time chatting over the fence, sadly. However, whilst he hasn't moved the light, it is hardly ever on these days. I think my letter to him reminding him of the ramifications of the light pollution act may have had some effect. Anyway, now I can observe from my dome I find that light polltion issues become much less significant.
Thanks for asking,
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Dear David
I am pleased you seem to have got your lighting problem sorted out fairly well. Over the years light pollution has gradually got worse though still tolerable. to my west there are 100 street ligh, car park, all night Tesco supermarket and motel\club and filling station within 500 metres. Many of those lights are not directly visible being blocked by a row of houses, but I can still see 15 lights through gaps between the houses. If I move my observing station i can see less lights directly but more are reflected by house windows. 500 metre there south east ten storey apartments shops and cafes, fortunately neighbours houses block them off from direct view from my station but there is a new planning application to build more comercial properties including high rise development - there has been one big objector to this proposal - guess who from - Tescos, apparently tey say that because of the current economy problems the local economy cannot stand more commercial development in the area.
In the past I was a campaigner against Tesco we won initially the local authority refused them planning permission, but Tesco appealed and after a farce of a public enquiry (or is it inquiry) the Secratary of State over-ruled the lcal authorities refusal and Tescos superstore was built in 1995.
Since then the local authority seem scared to refuse big business - possibly because the Tesco appeal cost a bomb in legal fees.
When the 10 storey development was initially proposed there was uproar at a local meeting. I attended the subsequent Councils planning meeting which was organised mid-afternnon (not the usual evenings) to make it difficult for people to attend. Although of course we could only attend as visitors but got the chance to voice our objections but not to vote. Even so a good resident contingent attended. We thought we had won when the the committee chairman counted the council planning committee vote but then he added his own vote which caused a dead heat - then he excercised his right as chairman to cast a second vote which gave the contentious planning application approval.
Politicians seem to me mostly in the same mold. They want democracy as long as they can do what they like and the general public never complain about it.
I now just carry on observing\imaging as best I can, while I can !!!!!!!
Best of luck from Cliff
PS I could mention the M60 motorway 500 metres north of our garden but it was there before we lived here. Fortunately the motorway is in a cutting and lit with well shielded lights. But Junction 17 above it is not quite so good.
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