Light Pollution & the Simpsons

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Mike Feist
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Light Pollution & the Simpsons

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Hi All
Did anyone see the Simpsons the other evening in which Lisa bought a telescope and campaigned for dark skies? It was rather a pity that the reflector was shown being used back-to-front ...with the eyepiece at the rear end.!!!
Regards Mike
Phil Rice
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Oh come on. Give them a break Mike. When was the last time light pollution was discussed in any British made TV programme?

Phil :roll:
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Post by Russell »

Yes i saw the programme,I wonder how many kids have bought a telescope on the back of it?My little girl went to school and was talking about telescopes, before the Simpsons most of her friends were not intrested,but after the show that all changed.Now i have a que of kids wanting to look through my {unfinished scope :lol: }.I supose the kids take more notice of the Simpsons and if there is a scope on the show it must be cool to have one.Maybe this is food for thought next time folks go to a school to give a talk,Start of with the Simsons then you have the kids in the palm of your hand.
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Post by nealeh »

Astronomy also featured in Episode 2F11 "It's the end of the world as we know it!".

Premise: As a punishment, Bart is forced to join Seymour Skinner at 4.30 a.m. to do a spot of astronomy. Bart spots a new comet which is, unfortunately, on a collision course for Springfield. And who has the only shelter? The Flanders, of course.

Full epsiode description at: ... ge14.shtml
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Post by mark_smith »

homer says that the comet will get burnt up in the atmosphere over springfield which actually does happen lol

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Never mind the dodgily drawn telescope (and bear in mind that the artists have drawn the characters with four fingers on each hand), there have been umpteen episodes that deal with exobiology and extraterrestrial intelligence. 8)
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