Help! Join our anti-floodlighting campaign!

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Help! Join our anti-floodlighting campaign!

Post by keepitdark »

Dear All,

This is a plea for help: Shirley Park Lawn Tennis Club, Sandilands,
Croydon has made a planning application (Number 05/2584/P) to floodlight the club.

The application is to erect 15 x 6.7 metre high columns of
bright lights. We have all enjoyed seeing a proper night sky and are
very concerned at the light pollution this floodlighting will cause, if
allowed to go ahead. If anyone is interested in opposing the pollution,
please contact me with further details. It would be very helpful if you
could put your objections as astronomers in writing to:

Rory Macleod, Head of Planning Control, Croydon Council, Taberner House,
Park Lane, Croydon CR9 1JT. Ref: Planning application number 05/2584/P

The more letters the better.

Also, should anyone have any experience in fighting light pollution or
if you could suggest other astronomy societies / astronomers to contact,
do please let me know! I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks and best wishes,

R Burgess
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Post by Cliff »

Dear Radha
I read your message.
However, although I sympathise with your cause I am reluctant to take any direct action for several reasons. One being that to make worthwhile formal objections to a planning it is necessary make fairly specific relavent points. So for anyone not knowing the details I think it not viable to make a worthwhile objection. I do not think any such objection coming from someone with no knowledge of the area and living far away , would carry much weight. Another thing (which you may well be aware of) is that I understand that there are big moves to promote tennis in the UK (because of our lack of top class players) so unfortunately the tennis club will probably get plenty of official support.
However, best of luck with your efforts to restrict light pollution.
From the Grumpy Old codger Cliff
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Post by Bunny »

Cliff makes a good point.

I'm afraid there is little point in people from all over the country opposing one planning application, unless these same people are going to oppose planning in other areas (you scratch my back, etc).

I think the best course of action is to set out your argument, and as Cliff says, raise the relevant points. You should get your local astronomical society on board for a start.

Possible arguments you can use is environmental and wildlife, as well as the ever growing problem of light pollution in the South East as the region becomes ever more congested.

Have a look at the Campaign for Dark Skies website: for ideas, and good luck!
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