Fairy Tales

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Fairy Tales

Post by Cliff »

Dear al(L)
Despite our governments supposed concerns about global warming, about which I cannot help wondering just how serious they are, I find TV just has hypocritical - although I suppose one could argue that TV should not just provide a single point of view.
However, TV don't do darkness much, except for the occasional low light stuff on Sky at Night(using image intensifiers and the likes).
However, it occurred to me that the telly does not employ many "dark engineers" but I bet we pay for quite a few lighting engineers in our BBC licence and other subscriptions.
Anyway I was rather disgusted by John Sargeant recently extolling the merits of external fairy lights outside houses and illuminating gardens "throughout" the Christmas season. Incidentally it seems to start about the end of August in some shopping centres.
Anyway on a recent "One Show" John seemed to be telling everyone to do what everyone does in one street where every single resident participates in lightng up their house and gardens. According to John it only costs them an average of £35 additional annual cost on each households electricity bill.
I must say John might look allright in a Father Christmas outfit but without a big white beard I think he would look better completely unilluminated at a really dark sky site or better still exiled togeyther with all his lighting friends in fairy land.
Best of luck from Cliff

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Post by Brian »

dear Cliff,

this John Sargeant (whoever he may be) does seem a bit of a lunkhead. Certainly if I've got £35 to spare, the last people I'd want to give it to is my electricity supplier :)

Locally, I noticed a marked reduction in lit-up properties this Christmas compared to last year. I guess the gloomier economic climate (as forecast) is beginning to bite.

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