Teggs Nose Star Gaze

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Teggs Nose Star Gaze

Post by PaulB »

Good morning everybody,

Macclesfield Astronomical Society held it's second Public Astronomy evening at Teggs Nose country park, Macclesfield.

The skies were mixed with variable amounts of cloud at the beginning of the evening, but increasing cloud towards the end. I was able to show our attendees the two giants of our solar system Jupiter and Saturn, through my Celestron C9.25. But also some stars visible in daylight whilst the Sun was still visible.

It was interesting to hear the reaction from people after they looked into the eyepiece. They couldn't believe it when they saw the star Arcturus against a sky blue background and in broad daylight (19:00). We also had a good look at Vega.

Looking at Jupiter we could see the two belts plus the moons. But because of the altitude of the planet. The seeing wasn't brilliant. Saturn, on the other hand, did look better. Titan was clearly visible but the clouds hampered views of the planet and rings.

Alberio was another target for the IOptron GOTO. We had some nice views of this famous double star.

Sadly by 22:00 the clouds had totally obscured the sky. And the event was over, so we collectively called it a night.

Was it worth it? Yes, I think so. I hope by doing this we have encouraged more people to look up and possibly take up AStronomy has a hobby.
Paul Anthony Brierley
Observation Co-ordinator for.
Macclesfield Astronomical Society
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Re: Teggs Nose Star Gaze

Post by nigeljoslin »

Sounds like a good evening, Paul, despite the clouds. It will be nice when the planets start tracking some higher arcs in the sky.

I look forward to some more astronomy; I've just come back from a holiday and we have my father with us just now, so no observing for now!

Best wishes,

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