The Multiverse

The non amateur stuff. Hawking, black holes, that sort of thing

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Re: The Multiverse

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Cheer up chaps, let's drink a toast to our fascinating universe/s.
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Re: The Multiverse

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Dear David & Brian
Yet another joke.
I was perusing a science comic annual in a newsagents the other day.
The "comic" included an article by a marine biologist (I think but I can't remember his name).
The article was having a go at my hero James Lovelock. Now Lovelock seems quite optimistic about humans future, even if humans fail to stop global warming. I think Lovelock thinks in a worst case, humans can survive in "air-conditioned City tall blocks" - although I personally don't think such a life would suit me !
However, the marine biologist article suggests that we are messing up the marine environment so much that whatever we do on the 30% of earth's surface that is land will never be sufficient to save the earth from disaster.
But as I see it, if all life on earth gets exterminated, the earth might then be a better place.
Best wishes from Cliff
PS I suppose the advantage of there being a possible Multiverse is there's not much chance of us finding all the other earth's in them, so we (humans) can't mess them up.
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