Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

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Paul Sutherland
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Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by Paul Sutherland »

I wasn't sure whether to add this here or in the Computers/software section, but I see that the latest version of Affinity Photo (Windows and Mac) has added a feature, stacking for astrophotography. There are also several video tutorials on the subject. I bought the app a while back, and it seems to have all the bells and whistles of Photoshop. Best of all, Affinity are still offering it at half price at the moment (£23.99) as with their other apps in the suite. ... ndows-190/
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Re: Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by jeff.stevens »

Sounds interesting. Cheers Paul.

I’ve not much experience of stacking. I found Registax just too complicated, or perhaps I should say I didn’t really have the time to invest in it to acquire the skill to use it properly.

I downloaded a copy of Sequator, which looks slightly more user friendly, but again I need to find some time to invest in learning it.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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Re: Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by Brian »

Jeff: I used Registax from v0.1 to v6.0. In it's day (2003?) it was a revolution in planetary video/image processing. You cannot imagine how much time and effort went into getting a final planetary image before Registax was made freely available. In my opinion v5 was the best, most user-friendly. Unfortunately Registax is now "abandonware" but it still the best for wavelet sharpening. Autostakkert is better for the stacking part of planetary video processing.

Paul: Thanks for the heads-up. I still use PaintshopPro v8 for general image processing but will certainly look at Affinity Photo now :)

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Re: Affinity Photo adds stacking for astrophotography

Post by cgdtaylor »

I have now processed a number of remote telescope images in their entirety with Affinity Photo including stacking. To date, it has made the workflow very easy to follow. However, it is worth watching the YouTube Clips by Affinity to see this package's astro capabilities. I understand that this software is half price to the end of this month (June) In sum, I commend this software for general photography as well as for astrophotography.

You can see my efforts in the recent images at my BAA Album:
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