When the Moon wobbles ..

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When the Moon wobbles ..

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The scientific soothsayers at Nasa say that by the 2030s Britain could be experiencing severe coastal flooding. Sea levels will be rising with storm surges and super-high tides, the latter effect will be due to a wobble in the Moon's orbit combined with global warming. The lunar gravitational "wobble" has been know for centuries and is due to the Moon's orbit being elliptical, this alters its gravitational pull on the Earth.
The Moon is currently in the tide amplifying part of its 18.6-year cycle. "It's going to have an effect in the UK," said Elizabeth Bradshaw at the British Oceanographic Data Centre. "We might see higher tides, but more important is how these will combine with storm events like storm surges." She added "It's going to vary by location in the UK. We've got very wide tidal ranges." Nasa has warned US coastal planners to take into account rising tides in the coming years.
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Re: When the Moon wobbles ..

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brian livesey wrote: Sat Jul 17, 2021 10:26 am The scientific soothsayers at Nasa....
I love this saying - I might adopt it. Nice bit of alliteration too. Although, it strikes me as a contradiction in terms. I wonder if it's in the job description...?

I think there was an article about this in The Telegraph, but it's a subscription only service and my lockdown experience has got me firmly in the habit of keeping a closer eye on unnecessary expenditure, so sadly I won't be reading it.

Best wishes, Jeff.
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