The SUN - 21st November

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The SUN - 21st November

Post by Cliff »

I was away most of today. Got home late afternoon when the Sun was very low in the sky. In fact I think it was then already too low to observe downstairs but I observe/image from our W facing back bedroom window ( nice & warm too). Got the odd (ODD) a) Sun. tree tops and lamp-post.
b) Sun with fairly obvious Sunspot with penumbra & a fainter possibly double Sunspot. The Sunspot image was captured just a few minutes after the lamp- post effort.
Best wishes from Cliff
zycSUN2021-11-21@1537meredith.jpg (74.22 KiB) Viewed 19 times
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Re: The SUN - 21st November

Post by RMSteele »

Hello Cliff, good to see an image lately. Would love to see one for today's Sun (22/11/21) because I definitely saw the northerly dark spot as double today. Yesterday's seeing wasn't too good so I didn't see the southerly spot as double then but I did see faint mottling around it on the photosphere in my projected white light image. Kind thoughts, Bob
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