China’s final space station module launched

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China’s final space station module launched

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Early yesterday, China launched its uncrewed Mengtian (“Heavenly Place”) module, on China’s biggest rocket, the Long March 58, thus completing the final stage of its T-shaped space station, Tiangong “Heavenly Palace”. The station orbits at a height of 250 to 280 miles.
Mengtian has some cutting edge technology onboard including “the world’s first space-based cold atomic clock system”. Tiangong will stay in space for at least ten years with a rotating crew of three. The astronauts will study plant adaptations to space and the behaviour of fluids in microgravity.
Since it’s launch in 2011, the Tiangong-1 lab has been used for medical experiments and tests. Tiangong-2 module was launched in 2016. China has achieved a number of space successes, including a lunar rover and its first images of Mars sent back by the spacecraft, Tianwen-1.
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