Sky Canvas

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brian livesey
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Sky Canvas

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A Japanese company has a ludicrous plan to launch satellites to produce an artificial meteor shower. They tried in 2020, but there was a malfunction.
Now the Tokyo-based company, ALE, has said that it will try again in 2025: “ALE hopes to give Britons and others all over the world the opportunity to view the world’s first live human-made meteor shower”. An opportunity?
ALE will produce the meteor effect with metal-based “shooting stars” particles. Some might call it art, but others would call it a blot on the night sky. We can only wonder what’s in it for ALE?
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michael feist
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Re: Sky Canvas

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I read about this somewhere else as well. Crazy waste of energy, time and yet another corruption of the night sky just for an effect! Nuts! Regards mike f.
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