New Moon September 15 2023 at 01h40mUT

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New Moon September 15 2023 at 01h40mUT

Post by jeff.stevens »

The next new moon occurs on 2023 September 15 at 01:40 UT/GMT.

The time of New moon quoted here refers to the instant of conjunction of the Moon with the Sun and not to the time when the crescent moon is likely to become visible to the naked eye. The crescent moon should become visible to the naked eye in the subsequent 16 to 40 hours or so, assuming good observing conditions and optimum circumstances.
Best wishes, Jeff
michael feist
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Re: New Moon September 15 2023 at 01h40mUT

Post by michael feist »

Did not manage to see the after -new crescent Moon until 18/9/23, when watched it set behind Southwick Hill behind the pylons, cables and ino cloud.
The last view of the very thin old Moon was had at 13/9/23 @ 0530 BST when seen briefly as it rose above the Eastern rooftops but v soon disappeared into cloud + tree. Earthling was obvious . The thin illuminated edge of the Moon showed hardy any detail. Used 8x43 ED mono and AstroMaster 80
From bedroom window. Regards mike.
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